Friday, March 20, 2009


30,000 employees of Circuit City unfortunately lost there jobs at the beginning of March 2009.
Recently, I had a problem with my Apple laptop. I went to best buy to the Geek Squad desk. I waited for almost 2 hours for help. Clearly there is a shortage of people who can help with local, fast personal PC tech support.
Founded in 1994 by Robert Stephens, "they were like the plumbers of computers," Skelley recalled, "with 30 people in Minneapolis and a couple in L.A. and another in Chicago. Tiny!"

But Geek Squad had a cohesive and appealing mythology that worked with customers using computers at home. Based on a common frustration -- "my computer is down and I don't know what to do" -- Geek Squad's approach was reassuringly intimate: "Of course it's confusing, but we'll be right there to rescue you."

Best Buy serves customers in more than 1,000 stores and 16 repair centers staffed by over 12,000 Geek Squad agents. The average age of a Geek Squad agent is 27.

Band together a few of your fellow Circuit City friends and launch mini-geek squads in your towns. Get accredited as an "authorized PC or Apple" repair person.

Here is a list of online PC repair and technical support educational programs:

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