Saturday, March 21, 2009


Fabrica, Benetton’s communication research centre, was set up in 1994.

Fabrica is not a school, advertising agency or university. It is an applied creativity laboratory, a talent incubator, a studio of sorts in which young, modern artists come from all over the world to develop innovative projects and explore new directions in myriad avenues of communication, from design, music and film to photography, publishing and the Internet. These artist-experimenters are accompanied along their research path by leading figures in art and communication, blurring the boundaries of culture and language and transgressing the traditional borders between a diverse range of communication mediums.

Communication research at Fabrica services a wide variety of social causes and disciplines such as economics, social or environmental sciences. Fabrica’s aim is to grasp the future by giving innovative exposure to cultural or scientific projects which open a window onto tomorrow’s world.

To apply to Fabrica all you need to do is to send a copy of your portfolio (not the original), a letter of application and a letter of reference from a teacher, professor or other person who is deeply involved in your work. All CD-ROM based portfolios must include a print copy.

Applications are accepted throughout the year and may be written in English, Italian or French.

Please specify which studio are you are applying for: Design, interactive, media, photography, visual communication, or writing

You must be 25 or under, speak English well, be open to new ideas and be able to use technical equipment related to your field.
If your portfolio meets selection criteria, you will be invited to Fabrica for a trial period of two weeks. Accommodation and lunch (during the week) will be provided, but you will arrange to pay for travel expenses. If the trial period is successful, you will get a one year contract/scholarship.

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