Sunday, March 22, 2009


Home owners all over the US will need help taking full advantage of the new energy programs being offered, as well as advice on home to best weatherize and manage their homes for maximum cost savings.

The Department of Energy is releasing the first installment of an $8 billion package for home improvements throughout the U.S. Participating homes, according to the administration, will receive as much as $6,500 worth of improvements. The families that participate will benefit indefinitely, as their electric and heating and cooling bills drop, thanks to the energy efficiency improvements like the installation of better windows and doors. Some homes will cost as much as 32% less to heat and cool. Improving energy efficiency is "the most cost-effective route to energy independence," according to Energy Secretary Stephen Chu.

To qualify, the homeowner can make no more than 200% the poverty level, or about $44,000 for a family of four. Weatherization programs are administered by each state, so look to your state's energy or environmental agency for information about how to participate. With federal money, states may also offer other incentives to a wider array of families, like subsidized energy audits or additional tax breaks for energy efficiency or renewable energy projects. (Check out existing federal home energy tax credits, which can add up to thousands in savings.)

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