Saturday, July 11, 2009


Founded in 1966 in Harlem, the Workshop in Business Opportunities (WIBO) is a private non-profit organization that is committed to assisting men and women with the drive to become successful entrepreneurs. WIBO’s mission is to enable small business owners and budding entrepreneurs from under-served communities to obtain financial success by starting, operating, and building successful businesses that develop economic power, provide jobs and improve communities.

In 43 years, WIBO has developed over 15,000 entrepreneurs resulting in the creation of 31,500 jobs. Over 54% of WIBO graduates are in business after 5 years, compared to the national average of 20%.

The 16-week workshop and consulting services are equivalent to a mini MBA program. Due to private support, the workshop is free and the cost for materials is $199 with further discounts for individuals with incomes under $50,000. The market value of the workshop is $4000. All
other services are free.

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