Monday, April 6, 2009


This blog is for people who want or need to reinvent themselves professionally and personally.

Everyday, we post new ideas for people who are dislocated and are looking for new ways to use their skills to generate income.

This blog will also explain how to actually launch a new "one man shop" in 10 steps, 5 hours
and $895.

As we are bombarded with a constant barrage of bad news, and we are forced to explore new ways to earn income, its a great time to reflect on how we define ourselves.

For most of us, our jobs define us...our jobs become our idenity. Its now time to seize control of your destiny, and to realize that EVERY job in the world, can be sexy, uniquely yours and very profitable.

Create a Gig promises that after a few weeks of constant review, you will:

1. feel empowered about yourself
2. view your skills in a new way
3. realize that all skills are transferable in some way
4. question how you define yourself
5. realize that you ARE NOT your job

Its time to be part of the solution, not part of the problem, enjoy...

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